The History of TLS

July 14, 2018

TLS has the capability to offer a full-turn key Event management support from the planning stage all the way through to full implementation to a wide range of events of all sizes. However, why did we decide to diversify in the first place? Because of the close link between vehicle and pedestrian flow, we have already gained a reputation and capability of diversifying in to event support working with both the London Olympic games 2012 & the UK sections of the Tour de France 2014.

As part of the preparation to the Olympics in 2012, we helped four clients that worked alongside TFL to source 32 drivers in any one 24hr period. This was in the months leading up to the major event and while the event was live, they had an integral role as part of the incident support service to keep the carriageways clear at peak times. Recently we have been involved with supplying over 70 qualified traffic operatives to various clients that handled the Tour De France stages through the UK. The involvement in both major events shows that we have the ability to cope with high demand schemes as well as continuing to supply the core day to day operatives that makes them as successful as we are today.

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